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We cover all your concerns while you focus on your business



It never been faster because we waste no time.



Clarity, Energy, Productivity, Influence. We are not scared of failure becausewe are never giving up.



Is our first motivation, leads us to have the best results. Our work is guided by passion.

Our History
August 2021
NaviTech Systems was created.We started to shearch new clients and to improve our team
September 2021
We started our partnership with NTT DATA , one of the biggest it compny in the world
November 2021
We began to work on our first independent project caled Naav, a task managing SaaS with the willing to overcome the ones that already exists
December 2021
We started our partnership with VBR Labs , a startup that belived in us from the begining
May 2022
We ended our colaboration with NTT DATA due to the fact that we wanted to be fully independent
October 2022
We launched Naav after almost a year from the day we started to work on it
We are focusing on promoting our aplication, to improve our knowledge and to shearch new clients
What's next?
We want to create new applications to improve the work flow of companyes in the whole world and to make our team bigger
Need help? Send us your project idea and we will make it real Our team is ready to help you with your project. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a free consultation.
Our Team We are still a small startup but with each day we focus on our journey and for the moment our team is more then enought

Daniel Ionut Grigoras

CEO, Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer


Ciprian Sutu

Co-Founder and UI/UX Designer

Where you can find us? Our office is situated in Romania, Suceava, on Zimbrului street